Darling of the Month - April 2020

Our Darling of the month for April is the beautiful Beth from Huxley and his Pack. Beth came into our store last month and shopped up a storm… some of the most adorable pieces from Fini The Label and The Amore Co! Since then she has tagged us in some of the most stunning pics of her boys wearing their new goods and we fell even more in love with her page!

We asked her some questions:

1. We absolutely adore your account ‘Huxleyandhispack’! Your two little men, Huxley and Ted are deliciously cute! Could you describe their personalities in one word each? 

Thank you! Oh their little personalities are so opposite but they compliment each other perfectly and they certainly keep us entertained. I would have to say Huxley is THOUGHTFUL and Ted is FEARLESS! 

2. There are so many mummas out there who use instagram to fill them with gorgeous inspo, advice and positivity. If you had one piece of wisdom to share, what would it be? 

Exactly that - use it for positive fulfilment, find the corners of instagram that give you inspiration, make your heart sing and give you a virtual thumbs up! If you are finding yourself comparing, envious or feeling low, it’s time to put the phone down and get outside or blast your favourite song while you do something for you! Continue to check in with yourself to ensure it is adding something positive to your life or mindset rather than adding to negative feelings or habits. 

3. Beth, it is so clear you have such an eye for styling! Is this something you’ve always been passionate about? 

It has evolved and become a creative outlet for me. It all started when I had a little Etsy store selling handmade baby wear which required me to take some product photos. I began doing some giveaways and product swaps/collabs which started a small collection of insta worthy goodies to style and photograph in the good old days of #flatlayfriday, before the algorithm changed and made us all work that little bit harder!

Since the boys have grown and we’ve built our second home, it has become more a form of journaling our days and spaces, and of course a wonderful way to support and share our small business favourites. 

4. If you could pick one essential kids product to style with at the moment what would it be?

Walking into Darlings of August last month was so special, to see so many beautiful items which I’d long admired through my phone screen but never had the chance to adore up close and hold in my hands! If I had to choose just one, I’d have to go with the Olliella Doll’s Luggy. It’s just adorable, and I’ve always had a thing for miniatures. I am looking for the perfect dried floral posy in earthy tones to sit in it -it’s divine! 

5. What can we expect to see from your gorgeous account in the future? 

More spaces from our new house & backyard as the different areas are finished and styled - definitely more of the boy’s bedrooms and playroom though as my children’s spaces are the most fun for me to style & photograph!

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