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Behind every great business is a person. A person who started somewhere and worked tirelessly, passionately and creatively to produce the brand that we all know and love today!

This month we are featuring none other than the amazing Sheree Schmidt, owner and creator of The Little Boho Rainbow (insert starry eyes)! We are so excited to have The Little Boho Rainbow join the Darlings of August family this month!

 We asked the stunning Sheree some questions about her brand.

  1. Sheree, what inspired you to start The Little Boho Rainbow?

My daughter Emma, she was a year old when I purchased her first Miniland doll. I could not find any clothes I liked for them and then I thought how about I give it a go! I came up with the rainbow concept as Emma is my rainbow baby and I wanted something with sentimental value for her first birthday.

  1. Did it take long to get The Little Boho Rainbow off the ground?

It took me a good five months of determination. I was juggling being a first time mum and having a business that started to flourish in such a short time. I still wake up thinking it’s all a dream, I am very grateful for all of my customers.

  1. What is your favourite thing about being a “Boss Business Mumma”?

Being blessed enough to be able to stay home with my daughter while I still get to have a creative outlet. 

  1. Has your business given you any surprises or experiences you never expected?

Yes! My very first surprise experience was being contacted by the Aussie Actress Teresa Palmer to create a pinafore dress for her beautiful little girl Poet. I remember being so overly joyed and nervous all at once as I was only fairly new and open for about four months at the time. I remember shaking as I embroidered the rainbow. 

  1. If you could pick a favourite one of your creations, what would it be?

That is a hard one! I would definitely have to say that my favourite item has been the dolls & children’s matching clothing I create. There is something about seeing little ones playing in creations that you make and seeing them being cherished. It makes me so happy. 

  1. What does the future hold for The Little Boho Rainbow?

For the future I have been designing a few new goodies! Moving into children’s heirloom items and decor pieces that I have been very excited about sharing with you all.

  1. A little fun question to finish us off. If you were given three wishes, what would they be?

Three wishes! My number one wish would be that with the craziness happening all around the world, things would settle for those who find it a daily struggle as it is.

Second would be (now this has been on since I was a small child) that I had enough money to help all those who need help around me. To be able to build homes the homeless.

Third I wish I could spend a whole month in Egypt living out my childhood dream as being an archaeologist.

To see more of Sheree's gorgeous creations, follow her on Instagram @thelittlebohorainbow.

Most excitingly, we will be stocking The Little Boho Rainbow in store in just a couple of weeks! Designs exclusively sold at Darlings of August... how lucky are we!

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