Get Home Schooled with Sami!

Fun activities… check!

Engaged kids… check!

Learning new concepts…check!

We are so excited to share one of the newest and best, up and coming educational Insta accounts with you! ‘Daughters Two Love’ is run by mumma Sami and features her two little darlings Finley (2) and Sadie (1). Sami is a Primary School Teacher who is unbelievably passionate about education and giving her kids the BEST start to their learning lives. Sami plans and prepares the most engaging activities for her littlies each and every day. All of which facilitate independent, critical and creative thinking.

We are SO EXCITED to tell you that Sami has actually planned and filmed some activities for us to share with you all on our Insta stories this week (cue the applause)!

We sat down with Sami and asked her some questions.

Sami, we adore your Instagram page and the amazing assortment of activities you are always creating for your girls! What inspired you to start the page ‘Daughters Two Love’.

Thank you!! Before starting my ‘Daughters Two Love’ account, I had been preparing all sorts of activities with my eldest daughter and posting some of what I did onto my personal account. I was receiving messages from my friends saying they loved seeing my ideas and trying them at home. I decided to dedicate an account to our play at home adventures that friends and family could follow along and hopefully get some ideas for their little ones too. We all need to support each other in motherhood and if some of my ideas make it into another family’s home then that’s fantastic.

We love reading about each activity and how this aids kids in the development of different skill sets. You can definitely see that you have your teacher hat on! Was pursuing a career in education something that you have always been passionate about?

Yes, being a teacher was always in the back of my mind. I took a few years off between school and starting University, still unsure if I had it in me to become a good teacher. My twin sister is also a primary school teacher and she loved it so that kind of gave me the push I needed to get my study started. I’m so glad I did! I am now so passionate about education, particularly those early years of K-2.

A lot of the learning and teaching I did as a teacher has translated into adapted activities for my daughters.

Your two girls are just adorable and we love seeing how engaged they are when completing a task. What is one of the most memorable activities you have done with the girls to date?

I don’t think I could pick the most memorable! I’ve loved all the activities we have done so far. My eldest daughter Finley just loves learning her alphabet sounds and watching how engaged she is in our literacy activities and seeing how much those skills have developed certainly is memorable.

Where do you see ‘Daughters Two Love’ heading in the future?

To be honest, I haven’t given it much thought! I’d love to continue sharing our home learning activities and play for as long as people want to follow along with us. It’s still early days for my ‘Daughters Two Love’ account but the Instagram community of mothers with similar accounts has been so uplifting, from sharing ideas to encouragement of each other. I am really enjoying it!

Thanks so much for your time Sami, we can’t wait to see what you have planned this week!


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